Your contact persons

The direct contact to our customers, the responsible technicians and buyers, the personal consulting and the close contact to the operational business is particularly requested up to the highest management level.

This guarantees you fast reaction on all your questions and requests.


The Management

Johannes Tronser
Phone +49 (0) 70 82 - 798 0
johannes (at)

General Management

Rainer Kirn
Phone +49 (0) 70 82 - 798 109
r.kirn (at)

Quality Management

Stefan Bauch
Phone +49 (0) 70 82 - 798 153
s.bauch (at)

Order processing and sales department

Isabella Tronser
Phone +49 (0) 70 82 - 798 111
isabella (at)
Kristina Matijevic
Phone +49 (0) 70 82 - 798 111

k.matijevic (at)

Processing and Construction

Michael Merz
Phone +49 (0) 70 82 - 798 182
m.merz (at)
Uwe Stein
Phone +49 (0) 70 82 - 798 123
u.stein (at)

Project Management

Tillmann Tronser

Phone +49 (0) 70 82 - 798 124

tillmann (at)






Mister Johannes Tronser is personally available for all your questions and requests at all times. The son of the company founder Mister Alfred Tronser is directing the company for more than three decades.

Besides planning and controlling the production, our general manager Mister Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Rainer Kirn is responsible for the areas pre-calculation, planning process, strategic purchasing, sales and marketing as well as all relevant production issues.

Our quality manager Mister Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Stefan Bauch is involved in all quality planning and quality control processes from the very beginning. Mister Bauch is also responsible for all questions regarding certification. 

Our order processing team is looking foward to working with you at any time regarding quotations, order confirmations, distribution and all questions on running orders.


  • Mrs. B.Sc. Isabella Tronser (Production management)
  • Mrs. Kristina Matijevic (Processing & Production management)

For development projects, tool and device constructions and all questions on industrial engineering please contact our Mister Dipl.-Ing. Michael Merz and Mister Dipl.-Ing. Uwe Stein.

The team of Mr. Merz and Mr. Stein is also looking forward to working with you in the areas of new constructions, assemblies and all further constructive questions.

Mister B.Sc. Tillmann Tronser

(Project Mananger)