World largest variable

capacitor product program.

Tronser adjustable capacitors soon found their way into tele-communications and RF engineering. New technologies, new materials and the constant search for new manufacturing methods led to ever smaller components of ever greater power. And as demands for precision increased, Tronser delivered innovations.

We manufacture the following Tronser products:


  • Sapphire Trimmers with a Q-factor of >3000 at 200 MHz and with high thermal and mechanical stability.
  • Air Tubular Trimmers - setting new standards with extreme adjustment accuracy, mechanical precision, and highest Q-factors.
  • Air Plat Trimmers - highest adjustment accuracy and mechanical stability under extreme conditions, meeting needs effectively worldwide.
  • Variable capacitors with ball bearings with high capacitance values, high dielectric strength and exact reproducibility.
  • Microwave Tuning Elements and Microwave Housings made from a range of materials to customer specifiations.