Business areas


State-of-the-art radio base stations, radio transmitters and receivers, professional oscillators and filters, and measurement instruments for the GHz range all use TRONSER Trimmer for frequency stability.

New, important market is medical technology, especially NMR and spectroscopy.

TRONSER Turnmill


Turned parts with a diameter of 1 to 65 mm and milled parts up to 500 x 500 mm made of brass, aluminium, plastic and various steel alloys with defined surface finishes such as silver, gold, nickel, copper, alodine etc.




Pre-tuned filter covers with self locking TRONSER Tuning Screws as well as other assembled units produced out of components of our own production, customer supplied or purchased components. Assembly technologies such as pressing, soldering and welding etc. are used.

Tronser Systems