From the very beginning, electronics demanded ever more powerful and smaller components. TRONSER recognized this development at an early stage, helped to determine it and implemented it in sophisticated solutions.

As early as after the turn of the century, Josef Tronser, the father of company founder Alfred Tronser, was involved in the assembly and distribution of all types of electrical equipment.

Alfred Tronser founded the company in 1951.  He was not only an electronics specialist with ingenious ideas and craftsmanship but also a visionary entrepreneur.

Before long, TRONSER TRIMMER had become synonymous with high-quality trimmer capacitors. The company applied for its first patents, and shortly afterwards TRONSER was already exporting to 20 countries around the world. As the only European specialist factory for trimmer capacitors, the company has established itself on the markets with its diverse program and is now managed by Tillmann Tronser in the third generation.